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Q111. You have issued a SHUTDOWN ABORT command to bring down your database instance.

Consider the steps that will be performed later when you open the database:

1. SGA is allocated.

2. Control file is read.

3. Redo log files are opened.

4. Instance recovery is started.

5. Background processes are started.

6. Data file headers are checked for consistency.

7. Server parameter file or the initialization parameter file is read.

Which option has the correct order in which these steps occur?

A. 7, 1, 5, 2, 3, 6, 4

B. 1, 2, 3, 7, 5, 6, 4

C. 7, 1, 4, 5, 2, 3, 6

D. 1, 7, 5, 4, 2, 3, 6

Answer: A

Q112. Which two statements are true about standard database auditing? (Choose two.)

A. DDL statements can be audited.

B. Statements that refer to standalone procedure can be audited.

C. Operations by the users logged on as SYSDBA cannot be audited.

D. Only one audit record is ever created for a session per audited statement even though it is executed more than once.

Answer: AB

Q113. You are using flat files as the data source for one of your data warehousing applications. To optimize the application performance, you plan to move the data from the flat files to clustered tables in an Oracle database. While migrating the data, you want to have minimal impact on the database performance and optimize the data load operation. Which method would you use to load data into the Oracle database?

A. Use the external table population.

B. Use the Oracle Data Pump export and import utility.

C. Use the conventional path data load of the SQL*Loader utility.

D. Use the INSERT INTO...SELECT command to load the data.

Answer: C

Q114. View the Exhibit and examine the attributes of an undo tablespace. In an OLTP system, the user SCOTT has started a query on a large table in the peak transactional hour that performs bulk inserts. The query runs for more than 15 minutes and then SCOTT receives the following error:

ORA-01555: snapshot too old What could be the reason for this error?


A. The query is unable to get a read-consistent image.

B. There is not enough space in Flash Recovery Area.

C. There is not enough free space in the flashback archive.

D. The query is unable to place data blocks in undo tablespace.

Answer: A

Q115. View the Exhibit and examine the initialization parameter settings.

Which three initialization parameters are to be set manually as they are not automatically tuned? (Choose three.)







Answer: AEF

Q116. Which two statements are true regarding the SGA_TARGET initialization parameter? (Choose two.)

A. It can be increased up to the value of the SGA_MAX_SIZE parameter.

B. Increasing the value of the SGA_TARGET parameter distributes the increased memory among all the autotuned components.

C. Reducing the value of the SGA_TARGET parameter deallocates memory from both autotuned and manually sized components.

D. Increasing the value of SGA_TARGET up to the value of SGA_MAX_SIZE disables the automatic shared memory management feature.

Answer: AB

Q117. In which situations does the Oracle Data Pump use external tables and not the direct path load while exporting a table? (Choose all that apply.)

A. if a table is not in a cluster

B. if a table has an active trigger

C. if a table has an encrypted column

D. if a table has a column of data type LONG defined on it

E. if a table has a referential integrity constraint defined on it

Answer: BCE

Q118. View the Exhibits and examine lock waits. Users HR and SH complain that their transactions on one of the application tables, EMP, are waiting for response.

Which action would you take to release the lock and enable users HR and SH to continue with their transactions?

07 (exhibit):

A. Kill the session of the user SCOTT with session ID118.

B. Issue manual checkpoint using the ALTER SYSTEM command.

C. Modify the profile used by user SCOTT to reduce the CONNECT_TIME limit.

D. Flush the Shared Pool to remove the SQL statement causing "wait" in memory.

Answer: A

Q119. Which two statements are true about setting the FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET initialization parameter to a nonzero value? (Choose two.)

A. The MTTR advisor will be disabled

B. Automatic checkpoint tuning will be enabled

C. The value for the LOG_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL initialization parameter will be override the value for FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET

D. The time taken to recover the instance after the crash is always exactly the same as the value given for the FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET initialization parameter

Answer: BC

Q120. You plan to move data from a flat file to a table in your database. You decide to use SQL*Loader direct path load method to perform this task. The table in which you plan to load data in an important table having various integrity constraint defined on it.

Which constraints will remain enabled by default during this operation? (Choose all that apply.)






Answer: BCD

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