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2016 Jun 156-315.75 exam topics

Q371. When using Connectra with Endpoint Security Policies, what option is not available when configuring DAT enforcement? 

A. Maximum DAT file version 

B. Maximum DAT file age 

C. Minimum DAT file version 

D. Oldest DAT file timestamp 

Answer: A 

Q372. Which of the following manages Standard Reports and allows the administrator to specify automatic uploads of reports to a central FTP server? 

A. Smart Dashboard Log Consolidator 

B. Security Management Server 

C. Smart Reporter Database 

D. Smart Reporter 

Answer: D 

Q373. Which Check Point product implements a Consolidation Policy? 

A. SmartReporter 

B. SmartView Monitor 

C. SmartLSM 

D. SmartView Tracker 

Answer: A 

Q374. Which of these is a type of acceleration in SecureXL? 


B. connection rate 


D. QoS 

Answer: B 

Q375. John is the MegaCorp Security Administrator, and is using Check Point R71. Malcolm is the Security Administrator of a partner company and is using a different vendor's product and both have to build a VPN tunnel between their companies. Both are using clusters with Load Sharing for their firewalls and John is using ClusterXL as a Check Point clustering solution. While trying to establish the VPN, they are constantly noticing problems and the tunnel is not stable and then Malcolm notices that there seems to be 2 SPIs with the same IP from the Check Point site. How can they solve this problem and stabilize the tunnel? 

A. This can be solved by running the command Sticky VPN on the Check Point CLI. This keeps the VPN Sticky to one member and the problem is resolved. 

B. This is surely a problem in the ISPs network and not related to the VPN configuration. 

C. This can be solved when using clusters; they have to use single firewalls. 

D. This can easily be solved by using the Sticky decision function in ClusterXL. 

Answer: D 

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Up to the immediate present 156-315.75 vce:

Q376. Which port is typically used by SSL Network Extender, if the Connectra Portal will also be used on the same IP address? 

A. SSL (TCP/900) 

B. SSL (TCP/443) 

C. SSL (TCP/444) 

D. SSL (TCP/80) 

Answer: C 

Q377. Check Point Clustering protocol, works on: 

A. UDP 500 

B. UDP 8116 

C. TCP 8116 

D. TCP 19864 

Answer: B 

Q378. You want to establish a VPN, using certificates. Your VPN will exchange certificates with an external partner. Which of the following activities should you do first? 

A. Manually import your partner's Access Control List. 

B. Manually import your partner's Certificate Revocation List. 

C. Exchange exported CA keys and use them to create a new server object to represent your partner's Certificate Authority (CA). 

D. Create a new logical-server object to represent your partner's CA. 

Answer: C 

Q379. What is a requirement for setting up Management High Availability? 

A. All SmartCenter Servers must reside in the same Local Area Network (LAN). 

B. All SmartCenter Servers must have the same amount of memory. 

C. You can only have one Secondary SmartCenter Server. 

D. All SmartCenter Servers must have the BIOS release. 

E. All SmartCenter Servers must have the same operating system. 

Answer: E 

Q380. Which of the following is NOT a SmartEvent Permission Profile type? 

A. Events Database 

B. View 

C. No Access 

D. Read/Write 

Answer: B 

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