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2021 Jun 117-102 exam topics

Q231. What option of modprobe specifies the loading of all matching modules instead of stopping after the first successful loading?

A. -a

B. -f

C. -c

D. -e

Answer: A

Q232. You want to make the directory /local available via NFS. Everything works fine, but on the client machine, the super user is unable to read any files on the NFS-mounted file system. Why?

A. The NFS protocol does not allow this.

B. The super user has different user IDs on the client and the server machine.

C. The client, when mounting the NFS filesystem, must specify the option trusted.

D. The exports entry on the server machine does not include the option no_root_squash.

Answer: D

Q233. Which of the following are commonly used Mail Tranfer Agent (MTA) applications?  (Please select THREE correct answers)

A. postfix

B. procmail

C. sendmail

D. exim

E. smtpd

Answer: ACD

Q234. You have an automated backup via tar to your tape drive /dev/st0 that runs each night. 

You've decided to manually check last night's tape. 

The command to list the contents of the tape is __________.

A. tar -tf /dev/st0

Answer: A

Q235. What file is typically used to display messages at the login prompt when remote users telnet in to the machine?

A. /etc/issue

B. /etc/motd

C. /etc/net.banner

D. /etc/

Answer: D

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Q236. You have generated a DSA authentication key on host linux1. 

In order to log into host linux2 with the new key, what do you need to do?

A. Copy the new authentication key into /etc/ssh/sshd_config on linux2.

B. Copy the new authentication key into $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys on linux2.

C. Copy the new authentication key into $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa on linux2.

D. Copy the new authentication key into $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa on linux1.

E. Log into linux2 using the command ssh --key.

Answer: B

Q237. What is the command to delete the default gateway from the system IP routing table? (Please specify the complete command with arguments)

A. route del default1

Answer: A

Q238. By default, which directories contents will be copied to a new user's home directory when the account is created, passing the -m option to the useradd command?

A. /etc/skel

Answer: A

Q239. The ______ command is used to modify or set the password expiration for a user.

A. chage

Answer: A

Q240. You find you execute a series of commands on a recurring basis. You want this series of commands available from your login to run in the current shell. Choose the best solution:

A. create a shell program

B. create a function

C. use the up arrow in BASH to find the command

D. use BASH's built-in ! function to run the last iteration of the command by the same name

Answer: B

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